We are Big Hand Brewing.

We are Hand crafted award winning ales.

 We are Brewing in North East Wales

Big Hand Brewing Co. Ltd. is a family owned and run 10bbl (1.7 HL) microbrewery, based in the North Wales powerhouse of Wrexham.  Started by an Uncle and Nephew team, Dave (Uncle) and Andy (Nephew) decided to give up the luxuries of a guaranteed income and offices with heating to brew beer they would both be proud to serve.


Armed with nothing more than a redundancy cheque, a pair of Wellington boots and Google, Dave convinced his wife that starting a brewery was the correct course of action.  Having found a piece of kit with suitable pedigree, Dave realised that he needed someone else to do the cleaning.  So, the shortest telephone conversation in history was made: “Hi Andy.  Do you want to give up teaching and brew beer?” – you can fill in the rest.


In the rather cold winter of 2012, Dave and Andy started the process of putting the brewery together.  Dave’s background in construction and engineering proved invaluable, while Andy’s background in theology proved, well, useless.  Still, he could hit things with a hammer so he was happy.

Officially born in March 2013, Big Hand Brewing has quickly established itself as a serious player in the North Wales craft brewing scene, racking up five SIBA Regional awards in three years.  But as the brewery develops, and as new recipes are discussed and trialled, the underlying beliefs from the start remain the same....

1) Beer should make you smile.

2) Beer should be drinkable.

3) Beer should be drunk with friends.

Andy Benson


Head Brewer at Big Hand.  Previously a Secondary School teacher, but finding significantly more job satisfaction in brewing beer.  Often found covered in malt dust in the office, looking through old brewsheets muttering to himself.


Favourite Big Hand beer – Smokin’ Gun Porter.

Dave Shaw


Managing Director at Big Hand.  Previous life as a Project Manager for Network Rail, with an employment history consisting mainly of concrete, motorways, and bridges.  Often found in the office with a Labrador and a fan heater.


Favourite Big Hand beer – Havok.


Big Hand Brewing Co. Ltd.

Contemporary, Honest, Classic


Our Core Beers and Resident Regulars


Here you will find a mixture of our Seasonal brews, special Charity beers, or recipes that only come out once in a while.  These beers sell out very quickly, so if you see one on the bar at your local make sure you don’t miss out!


LITTLE MONKEY – 4.0% - A warm spice finish is revealed as the biscuit chocolate body fades.  A ‘Chocolate HobNob’ of a mild.  (Countess of Chester Hospital Babygrow Appeal Beer).









T-WREX – 4.5% - A Golden Premium Bitter.  Perfect balance between a solid, sweet malt body, fruity hoppiness and a strong, crisp, clean bitterness.


RENAISSANCE – 4.5% - Mosaic, Centennial and Galaxy hops working together to pride a citrusy Pale Ale with a tropical fruit note running right through it.


SMOKIN’ GUN PORTER – 4.8% - Beech smoked malt lends a subtle smokiness to this rich malty yet bitter porter.


KINGSMAN – 5.0% - German cask beer. Made using a bottom fermenting lager yeast.  Lagered at low temperature to provide a clean malty beer.


BAD GORILLA – 6.0% - Malt Loaf in a glass.  Smooth and serene but with a clout on it like an angry Silverback.


TELEKINESIS – 6.9% - Simple, clean malt profile allow the masses of NZ, Aussie and US hops the room to shine.







LEST WE FORGET – 4.2% - Deep copper in colour this dry assertive bitter has hops from the Commonwealth to give a distinct citrus and soft fruit aroma.

(Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Beer).



Whilst the pinnacle of achievement for us is to hear you say how much you’ve enjoyed our beers, it’s also nice to win awards.  Mainly because we can put it in this section with a little jpeg.


SIBA Region (Wales & West) 2014 – Standard Bitters Category – Silver Medal – King’s Bane


SIBA Region (Wales & West) 2015 – Best Bitters and Pale Ales Category – Bronze Medal – Bastion


SIBA Region (Wales & West) 2015 – Standard Mild and Brown Ales Category – Silver Medal – Little Monkey


SIBA Region (Wales & West) 2016 – Standard Mild and Brown Ales Category – Silver Medal – Little Monkey


SIBA Region (Wales & West) 2016 – Premium Strong Beers Category – Bronze Medal – Telekinesis



Well, here we could churn out the standard clichéd text about how we source only the best ingredients, and how flavour is more important to us than our own mothers.  But we won’t.  We got into brewing because we like beer, and wanted to make beer.  We take our inspiration from both Victorian era breweries and newer contemporary microbreweries, but ultimately we brew beer that we (and we hope you) want to drink.  What makes our beer special isn’t some brand new “innovation” (read: More Hops), but rather the pubs and communities that we serve who drink it and talk about it.  Beer is about drinking and chatting with friends – we just try to design recipes that get involved with the conversation.


For more detail on our process, keep reading below.

Want the basics? Sure.





More advanced version:

Firstly, we decide what we want to do.  Sounds basic, but this is a really important step.  Not everything is solved by the addition of yet more late hops.  Following this, we need a recipe – we design every beer from the ground up, there is no ‘base’ recipe that we alter slightly according to what style we want to produce.....

Read More



Abbey Cl, Wrexham LL13 9XG


01978 660709

Company Name:  Big Hand Brewing Company Limited.    Company No.  08196840.    Registered in England and Wales

Registered Address:  Big Hand Brewing Company Limited, Unit A1, Abbey Close, Redwither Business Park, WREXHAM,  LL13 9XG

VAT No: 151973791

We are Big Hand Brewing.

We are Hand crafted award winning ales.

We are Brewing in North East Wales

We are Big Hand Brewing.

We are Hand crafted award winning ales.

We are Brewing in North East Wales

We are Big Hand Brewing.


We are Hand crafted award

winning ales.


 We are Brewing in

North East Wales